Children's & Adolescents Ministries

  • Hats off to all persons, churches and institutions who have assisted our ASI/IAD mission impact. All Forty-five (45) missionaries are now home after two (2) weeks of crusade and two (2) weeks of humanitarian projects. A report will follow soon. The date for ASI Thanksgiving service will be announced.
  • All persons interested in being a part of the ASI mission team are asked to collect your registration form. There is no age barrier.
  • Please get your ‘Called to God’s Kingdom’; ‘Fit for Jesus’ Polo Shirt for the launch of Children’s Convention further updates will follow.
  • GEMS Porridge Project: Family & Women Ministries team members: Please assist our Girls in cooking different types of porridge and any other easy meals to better prepare them for home making skills.
  • Bible Spell-a-thon awards to be announced. 


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    D.R Missionaries consecrated

    Little “Giants for Jesus” were on display at the Shortwood Seventh-day Adventist Church a few days before their departure to the Dominican Republic for the Adventist-laymen Services & Industries, ASI, Mission 2000 & beyond trip.



Claudette Genas
Director of Women's, Children's and Family Ministries