Men's Ministries

1. The Children & Adolescents Ministries will be hosting EJC Kids Forum, this Sabbath, September 12 @ 2:30 pm. Theme: ‘Being Healthy in this COVID 19 Crisis. Presenter Dr. Channer Join Zoom:

2. Family Togetherness Week September 6- 12 in the churches.

3. GEMS & ASI + you cannot afford to miss our 1st toastmasters session Thursday, September 17 beginning @ 4: 30 p.m. Zoom link will be provided.

4. All women are asked to attend a women’s ministries certification session on Thursday, September 17 @ 6 p.m. for an hour.

5. Bible Spell –a- thon: Kindly send the names of participants to your zone coordinators for the ZOOM spell off this month.  Each participant will be given 10 minutes each. Points & prizes will be awarded. Link to be supplied. Open to Non SDAs.

6. Vacation Bible School (VBS) Please send your reports to your zone coordinators Cassandra Bravo-Heppel, Kareel Meikle, Donna Nevison-Brown & Arlene Harrison.

7. All family members are asked to make arrangements to have vesper service during the month of September with another family (face to face /zoom).

8. Family Affirmation “Welcome to the Family” Keepsake Scrapbook. Just like you’d make a shopping list, write words of encouragement (at least once weekly) in the Keepsake Scrapbook.

9. Parents & Adolescents Conference September 12. Zoom link will follow soon.

10. As Children & Adolescents, GEMS & ASI missionaries crusade, coming last quarter. Begin to invite your non SDA friends and relatives.

11. Singles, get ready for your online session to discuss various topics including parent’s approval and its impact on relationship success, personal and social factors.

12. All married persons are invited to be a part of the Couples In Action Fellowship (CIAF) marriage strengthening activities WhatsApp group. To sign up... The invite link is:

13. Counselling and relationship sessions are being done via phone and Zoom.

14. EJC Wellness Ministry is inviting persons with counselling skills to contact the Family Ministries Department. We need your extra HELP!!!

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Confucius

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    August Town Men Go Fishing

    Thirty-one males from August Town Seventh-day Adventist church went on a fishing expedition at Port Royal in Kingston from Saturday night (June 30) to Sunday morning (July 1). This special trip was organised by the church’s Men’s Ministry Department as the culminating activity for Boys-Men week held June 24-30, 2018.



Manley Phillips
Associate Ministerial Sec. & Family Ministries