Sabbath School and Personal Ministries

Evangelism First Wave Reaping Series (January 13 – February 24) in progress.


  1. Come and join us in earnest prayer, delightful dining and fellowship at Wickie Wackie Beach Resort this Sunday, February 4, 8;00 am to 1:00 pm. Bus leaves EJC HQ @ 7:00 a.m. (Adults $700.00; Children under 12, $500.00 each). Tickets available @ EJC HQ.


  1. The Evangelism and Discipleship Training Series – 2018, will be officially launched at Half Way Tree SDA this Sabbath Morning, February 3, 2018. General Classes will be conducted at HWT each Tuesday evening, 5:30 – 7:30 pm during February and March. Preaching classes will be conducted at Kencot every Thursday (February 8 – March 29, 2018).


  1. All Pastors, Elders, LTM and Personal Ministries Leaders are invited to partner with the Conference Leadership and to conduct the training in your Churches or pastoral district.

Please make request to be included and receive the weekly roll out of lessons for the following courses:

  1. Certificate in General Principles of Evangelism & Discipleship. This includes studies in Biblical concepts, Bible School and Small Groups and insights into Spiritual Gifts Inventories (SGI), membership mobilisation for all ministries and Communities.
  2. Certificate in Sabbath School Leadership, Teaching and Discipleship. All Superintendents, SS Secretaries and Teachers ought to be certified.
  3.  Diploma in Bible counselling ad Discipleship.

  All Prospective Students should be endorsed by their Pastor and Elders.

Leaders please contact us for registration materials and more details.


  1. We are asking all churches to observe our Outreach/Tract distribution day and use some time on Sabbath morning, February 3, to go into your communities, make contact and distribute literature.


  1. All Bible Counsellors are being invited to a meeting with the Sabbath School/Personal Ministries Director, to be held at the Conference office on Sabbath, February 17 at 4:30 p.m.


  1. Pastors, kindly submit names and profile of Bible Counsellors employed by your church(es) or districts, with the assistance of Conference subsidy.
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    Year of Proclamation Launched at LTM Symposium

    More than two hundred and thirty individuals were recognized and awarded with plaques and certificates for their service and contribution to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in East Jamaica Conference (EJC) at a special Lord Transform Me Membership Appreciation on January 15, 2017. The event was held at the Hagley Park SDA Church and marked the official launch of 2017 as the ‘Year of Proclamation’.

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    Adventists told to fortify their minds with the Word at EJC Convention

    The first of four Conventions in East Jamaica Conference (EJC) for 2017 lived up to expectations by providing inspiration, information and motivation for members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in zone 1, gathered at the King’s Chapel SDA Church on January 14, 2017. Guest speaker for the day was Stewardship and Ministerial Secretary for the SDA Church in Jamaica, Dr. Astor Bowers, who spoke under the theme ‘Experiencing the Transformation.’

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    Solutions provided to Adventist Senior Citizens at Convention

    Senior Citizens of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in East Jamaica Conference were provided with a forum to ask questions and be updated on how to handle some of the challenges facing them, at the evening session of the Senior Citizens and Grandparents Convention held at the Hagley Park SDA Church on September 19, 2015.

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    The fire of evangelism was reignited in East Jamaica Conference (EJC) at the Congress For the Renewal and Revival of the Role of the Laity held at the Hagley Park SDA Church on January 10, 2015 under the "That the World May Know".



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