Women's Ministries

1. Children’s Day on EJC Virtual platform on Sabbath, May 23.

2. MOE Child month Theme: Unplug Negativity, Connect Positivity....Think!!!

3. Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day June 13 in Churches using platforms available.

4. Vacation Bible School (VBS) using the Virtual platforms available in churches.

5. Family Ministries Department Couple’s Communion Sabbath, September 12.

6. Singles Retreat October 2020… Ready! More information will follow.

7. Singles, get ready for your online session to discuss various personal and social factors such as religious involvement, sociability, parent’s approval and its impact on relationship success.

8. Family, Women, Children & Adolescents Directors do all you can to keep connected to your team members using the social media available. Using the Jethro principle. Best of all let’s continue to pray earnestly.

9. CMD’s please engage the parents to create a two minutes favourite Bible text video and what this text means to them. Using this during the month of May

10. Family Ministries Directors kindly refresh your churches couples list.

11. All married persons are invited to be a part of the Couples In Action Fellowship (CIAF) marriage strengthening activities WhatsApp group. To sign up... The invite link is: https://chat.whatsapp.com/K5ZHoyK6BpO9QqNBhZeRGJ

12. Counselling and relationship sessions are done via phone.

13. EJC Wellness Ministry is inviting persons with counselling skills to contact the Family Ministries Department. We need your extra HELP!!!

“Some people come in your life as blessings, others come in your life as lessons.



Claudette Genas
Director of Women's, Children's and Family Ministries


Associate Director

Associate Director

Adiese Jonas-Murphy
Associate Director, Women's Ministries & Music Coordinator