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Five Hundred Targeted at MM14 Cluster F Launch

Story and Photos by Phillip E.L. Castell
Published | November 5, 2013

FHTAMM14CFL-PIC1The leadership and members of the churches grouped together to form Cluster F gave the city of Kingston notice of their intention to reclaim lost souls for the Lord when they came together at the MetroMission14 (MM14) Cluster F launch at the New Haven SDA Church on November 2, 2013.

The group declared their intention to reclaim at least five hundred new believers for the Lord and in the process establish a new church in the Pembrook Hall community in the coming year.

The charge for the evening was presented by the dynamic Pastor Kevin White, pastor of the Penwood, Olympic Way and Seaview Gardens SDA Church whose message was presented from the word of God found in 2 Kings 3:14 -18.

White rehearsed in the ears of his congregants many of the miracles that the Lord performed on behalf of his people and assured his listeners that God was able to do the impossible.

"God is able to take your enemies and turn them into allies. He is able to turn curses into blessings. I came here with a word and it's simply this, trust God and dig ditches."

FHTAMM14CFL-PIC2Dr. Meric Walker, pastor of the Washington Gardens SDA Church and leader of the Cluster F group, spoke with a sense of urgency as he outlined the state of affairs in our country and the need to take action amidst the numerous ills in the society.

"If you are like me, there will be something within you that spurs you as you look at what is happening in Jamaica land we love. The atrocities resulting from sin, is all around us and the clarion call to cry against sin must be given," Walker said in his opening comments to the church members that came together for the official launch of the MM14 Cluster F group.

"We have heard of kidnappings, we have seen the blood of our brothers and sisters in the streets, we have felt the restraint of financial crunches and we have heard the voice of the Lord and have responded. It is our intention to rescue five hundred souls for the Lord through our combined efforts and I know that with God leading we can do it," Walker said.

Pastors Holland Thompson, Meric Walker, Kevin White, Manley Philips and Marvin Chin all gave accounts of the state of the preparedness of their nine churches (New Haven, Riverton Meadows, Washington Gardens, Balcolm Drive, Penwood, Seaview Gardens, Olympic Way, Rock Hall and Padmore) which together form the MetroMission14 Cluster F group of churches.

FHTAMM14CFL-PIC3During the launch strong emphasis was placed on the role of prayer for the success of the program. Elder Roy Stewartson lead the congregation in a prayer of faith and every person in attendance was invited to petition heaven on behalf of the MM14 Series.

Present at the launch from Jamaica Union was Dr. Eric Nathan, Family Ministries Director who offered the final prayer of dedication. From the East Jamaica Conference Administration, Pastor Devon Osbourne-Executive Secretary, Pastor Glenville Carr- Ministerial Director and Cluster F coordinator from the Conference Office, Dr. Donna Brown -Education Director and Cluster F Coordinator from the Conference Office, Elder Henrick McKenzie - Conference Auditor and Pastor Carl Cunningham - Sabbath School and Personal Ministries Director.

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