6-year-old Dakarai challenges parents to develop a ‘Culture Fit for Jesus’

Written by: Ruth-Ann Brown, Digital Media Coordinator, EJC | Thursday, November 1, 2018

“Parents, where are your footsteps leading your children?” This was the question asked by 6-year-old, Dakarai Williams as he stood fearlessly to speak during the East Jamaica Conference Jewels Symposium, on October 20, 2018, at the Harbour View SDA Church.

All eyes were fixed on the young preacher, who, though short in statue, spoke from memory, with conviction of the importance of creating the right Christian environment to shape and mold the lives of children. He also emphasized the tendency that children have in following their parents’ footsteps.    

“Is it to a bar? Is it to a party? Is it to a sporting game? when they are supposed to be in the house of the Lord?”, said Williams.

The seats were filled by children representing the four zones of the constituency, leaving standing room for parents and family members. The day’s theme “Develop the Culture Fit for Jesus – Courtesy and Respect” was evident throughout the morning service.

Jewels was launched April 6, 2013. This group represents children 0- 12 years. They recited the ‘Jewels Promise’ as also the parents, guardians and church aunts and uncles, repeated their own pledge.

Some other highlights of the day included a captivating Choral Speech from the children of the Meadowvale SDA Church, special music by the Bull Bay Children’s Choir. A dramatized children story about rotten tomatoes and forgiveness by the Andrews SDA children led by the Children and adolescents’ ministries director Sis. Marcia Shields. 

The children of Oak Glades SDA Church, 2nd place winners of the 2018 EJC Bible Song Competition, performed their entry piece, “I love my Bible, my Holy Bible”. The catchy words of the song had the congregation singing along. Saxophonist, Javier James from the Balcombe Drive SDA Church who is also an ASI Missionary, shared his rendition of “I Know Who I Am” during the offertory.

Family, Women, Children and Adolescents Ministries Director, Elder Claudette Genas, shared parent tips on how to create an environment of respect and courtesy.

"Strive to make your children proud of you.  When children sense that their parents’ world is in the right order, then it is easier for them to get their world together.  Sit with your children and tell them how you love them,” emphasized Elder Genas.

During the final appeal, Elder Genas pleaded with parents and guardians not to hinder or delay their children from accepting Jesus and being baptized. 


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