65 Rescued at Adventist Tent Campaign

Written by: Elder Freddie Bingham - Morant Bay SDA, Edited by Phillip E. L. Castell | Thursday, March 14, 2019

On January 20, 2019, the Operation Rescue 2019 Evangelistic Series with Evangelist, Pastor Melvin H. Francis and team, began a spirit-filled and life changing campaign which resulted in sixty five persons being baptized at the end of a four week series.  The meetings were held under the big tent in front of the old Good Year Tire factory in St. Thomas and was supported by the Needham Pen, Wilmington, Spring Garden and Morant Bay SDA churches. 

Prayer Focus a Critical Success Factor

We give God the glory for the campaign’s success and can confirm that the forty days of prayer by church members before the campaign began, was one of the good measures that ensured success.  Many members of the prayer ministry team maintained their daily prayer focus at 5:30am throughout and even after the series ended.

Several communities, including Duhaney Pen, Friendship Pen, Red Hills Housing Scheme, Cottage Pen and Church Corner were targeted prior to the commencement of the crusade. The main strategy was the use of

prayer walks and street meetings which encouraged individuals to take their stand for the Lord. This was mainly done on Sabbath afternoons and led by Adventist Youths.   

 Powerful Preacher

For four weeks, Preacher of the Operation Rescue 2019 Evangelistic Series, Pastor Melvin H. Francis, made Christ the central focus of his sermons.  His powerful preaching caught the attention of many and with the power of the Holy Spirit the feeling of Pentecost was rekindled in the surrounding districts of the campaign.  

Photo Credits /    Basil Powell

Photo Credits / Basil Powell

Marriages took Place

Several marriages took place during the campaign   including one couple who   attended  church every Sabbath but who were never  married .  One day however, they heard the word of God preached and their hearts were pricked and they made the decision to be married and be baptized at the sea that same day.  

In another interesting case, a husband   decided to be baptized leaving his wife who was a member of a Sunday worshipping church. The new convert prayed earnestly every morning and evening during worship at home that God would lead his dear wife to accept the Sabbath truth.  Unknown to her husband, the wife would cry every time her husband mentioned her name in prayer to God. We are happy to know that in just a few days, the lady reported to the Bible Worker that she was ready for baptism.   We give God the glory, honour and praise.   

It can truly be said that Operation Rescue 2019 was indeed a crusade with a difference as the trumpet was given that certain sound by  God’s watchman, Evangelist Melvin Francis, who preached the word of God

with power and clarity.  

We have now received a new set of believers who have joined the church with much   enthusiasm and great expectation. With Total Member Involvement in mind, we will all play our part to make each of them Disciples of Christ.

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