A 'Wray' of Hope: Golden Spring District Builds Home for Fellow Brother

Written by: Cassitta Irving, Communication Dept., Golden Spring SDA Church | Friday, January 31, 2020

In the third quarter of 2019, we studied some profound lessons in the Sabbath School Quarterly, ‘The Least of These’.

In the final lesson, it explored the topic of ‘Grace within the Church’, and a section read, “the values of justice, grace and love- as demonstrated in God’s justice, grace and love-should govern all that happens within the church …these principles should guide church leaders in how they lead, make decisions and care for the “the least of these” among the church community”.

Often times, we focus on ‘the least of these’ on the outside and those in our congregations are overlooked or just prayed for but the Golden Spring District of Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) churches have been following up prayer and faith with action.

On Sunday, January 19, 2020 young and old alike from the church district trekked to Langley in the hills of St. Andrew to tear down and rebuild a dwelling for Bro. George Wray of the Mt. James SDA church. 

The project was conceptualized by the Men’s Ministry department of the Mt. James SDA church and was funded by the men of the church as well as the wider Mt. James congregation which has just over 100 members.

 “When we learned that Bro. Wray’s situation had worsened, we knew that he couldn’t live like that and as the men of the church, his fellow brothers, we decided that we had to take the lead. We are not a church of great means but little is much when God is in it and He has blessed us to be a blessing to others so we did what the Lord would have us do,” said Bro. Kenneth Demetrius, the Men’s Ministry Leader at the Mt. James SDA church.

A one-room dwelling, similar to what was torn down was constructed from ply boards with new zinc roofing and a door, all contributed by the Mt. James SDA members. Cement was also purchased and was used to repair a section of the flooring inside the dwelling.

“I feel good, I feel blessed by the efforts of the brethren. I prayed to God for this blessing day and night and He was right on time for me through the brethren,” Bro. Wray shared as the finishing touches were being added to his new home.

The building, which was a farm shed that belonged to one of his friends, provided shelter for Bro. Wray for six years, however; it was badly damaged by Hurricane Nicole in 2016.

“During the rainy season, I experienced many nights of sleeping in water and I was also going through a period of sickness where I was diagnosed with hernia and prostate cancer in the same year.

I haven’t done any surgeries, it’s just the Lord I presented this thing to and I told the brethren at Mt. James and I put it in God’s hands because I cannot be of the household of faith and don’t believe in miracles,” Bro. Wray said.

Bro. Wray shared that in September of 2018 God came through for him and delivered him from the excruciating pain that he was experiencing mainly from the prostate which affected his attendance at church.

“The brethren visited me and did what they could and I give thanks unto the Lord for providing such humble brethren and I am rejoicing in the Lord today because I am a witness, a true witness that God is still in the miracle business,” Bro. Wray testified.

Meanwhile, district pastor, Dane Ferguson, who also gave a helping hand, said it is refreshing to see the level of involvement and dedication of the brethren in the ministry of the church.

“My hope is that our brethren discover their spiritual gifts through the spiritual gifts discovery programme I will initiate and that we will see at least 80 percent of members being involved in the work of the church this year,” Pastor Ferguson shared.

Since Pastor Ferguson’s installation in the district in September 2019, this has been the second building project conducted in the district. The first one was in November 2019 when the River View SDA church spearheaded the construction of a one-bedroom apartment for a community member.

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