Adventists have the ability to radically transform the Society says NCU President

Written by: Phillip E. L. Castell, Director, Communication, Public Affairs & Religious Liberty | Thursday, March 2, 2017

The benefits and blessings of Adventist Christian Education were evident for everyone to see at the 2017 staging of Education Rally held at the Trench Town SDA Church on Sabbath February 25, 2017.  Held under the theme ‘Transformed, Inspired, Soaring to Success’, the rally saw scores of students from Adventist schools across East Jamaica Conference, participate in the worship service  through songs, reading of the scripture, storytelling and drama.

  Dr. Lincoln Edwards, President, Northern Caribbean University (NCU), spoke in East Jamaica Conference as president of NCU, for the first time since he was elected to lead that institution.  

Edwards, in his message put forward a powerful case for Adventist Christian education and suggested  that Christ centered education by the church is a viable solution to solving the nations crime problem.

The university president captioned his message ‘Transformed to Serve’ and posited  that the Adventist Church in Jamaica can play a key role in bringing about transformation in this country.

“We have the ability as Seventh-day Adventists with our network of churches to radically transform the society of Jamaica and make it the place where people want to live and do business,” said Dr. Edwards.  

The Northern Caribbean University president articulated that the church can impact crime in a positive way if young people in at risk communities were given the opportunity to be educated at our schools.

“Consider that we have over seven hundred and thirty churches and if we are united with our schools and with NCU and we  put forward this

bold agenda to bring the young people from at risk communities and give them an education, this nation  would never be the same.“

Dr. Edwards called on parents to play their part to make it easier on teachers to prepare their children for this world and the world to come.   He encouraged church members to support Adventist Christian Education because it is Christ centered and complete.

Edwards said the performance of NCU in winning the Business Model competition for three consecutive years was “spectacular” and showed that the young people in our institutions “can stand with the best.”

President of EJC, Dr. Eric Nathan, commended Education Director Dr. Donna Brown and her teachers for preparing the students for greater service. Nathan said he was happy to know that the Seventh-day Adventist church believes and practice the idea that” the goal of education and redemption are the same.”  

“I want to commend our principals because you are helping to guide the minds of our young people to be leaders in our communities because it is the role of the Education Department of our church to prepare young minds to deal with the challenges of our country and our society,” Dr. Nathan said.

Education Director Dr. Donna Brown expressed thanks and appreciation to all her teachers and Education sponsors in our churches who continue to support Adventist Christian Education. She also announced and presented five year old Dakarai Williams of the Trench

Town Basic School as the recipient of a scholarship to Kingsway Prep. School   courtesy of the Conference Wide Development Committee of EJC.   

Pastor Linton Williams, Secretary, EJC  added that the Seventh-day Adventist Church operates its own school system to make sure that its youth receive a balanced physical, mental, moral, social and spiritual education in harmony with the standards of the church and ideals with God as the source of all morals and truth.

Special greetings were brought to the church by Pastor Wesley Bones, President of the Jamaica Independent Schools and   Dr. Michael Harvey from NCU.  

Harvey said educators were in a mind transforming work.  “Our responsibility is to bring change and change begins in the mind,” said the University officer.

Students, teachers, parents, school and church administrators all joined with church members and visitors in worship and thanksgiving to God on a day which saw children leading out in Sabbath School, and showing that they too are capable of being transformed and inspired to impact lives now and for eternity.  

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