Adventists trained by Rescue Academy to save lives

Written by: Sophia Dormer - Administrative Assistant to the Communication Department | Friday, April 5, 2019

Just over 45 persons from across East Jamaica conference of Seventh - day Adventists, as well as non-Adventists, completed two days of rigorous training in First Aid, CPR and AED on March 17 & 24, 2019.  The training was facilitated by Jamaica Rescue Academy along with certifying body National Safety Council Emergency Care & Safety Institute. (NSC).

The trainees where taught critical and important techniques for saving lives and how to recognize and help people in distress.  The training was compact with theory and practical demonstrations allowing each trainee to have the hands-on experience of saving a life.

Courses taught over  the two day  programme included Acting in an Emergency, Rescuing and moving Victims, Checking the Victim, Recovery Position, Bleeding and Wound care, using the Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Administering CPR, among several others.. Upon successful completion of the course and a written exam, the trainees are awarded a two year international certification in the area of First Aid, CPR and AED.

The training was hosted by the Health Ministries Department of the

Conference, under the leadership of Pastor Leonard Steel, who highly recommends that members of the church as well as community members be trained in First Aid and CPR as they stand to benefit from the training in the event of a heart attack.

“Having the training in these areas will not only benefit the trainees in personal family emergencies but it will also assist the churches should someone be the victim of a heart attack,” said Steele who added that they will be able to render assistance if and when this happens.  Pastor Steele further stated that, it was also an asset for members doing the Medical Missionary training to use it as a tool in their evangelistic out reach. 

For Sister Joan Stewardson, a member of staff at East Jamaica Conference who always wanted to do the course and was happy for the opportunity to complete it this year, she confirmed that she learnt a lot and found the course quite interesting.

“I found it to be very interesting and exciting, as it was something I always wanted to do. I learnt a lot concerning how to approach and assist people who are having real life emergences,” Stewardson said.

The training, which first started under the leadership of former East Jamaica Conference Health Ministries Director Elder Walton Wright has seen over 235 persons certified under the programme over the past 5 years.

A trainee checks an elderly lady who is non responsive

A trainee checks an elderly lady who is non responsive

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