Disaster-Proof Your Family for Now and for Eternity

Written by: Judith Kirlew Samuels, Communication Director - Heroes Circle SDA Church | Thursday, September 20, 2018

“Your family is your most valuable investment;  seek divine wisdom in how you invest”, said divine hour speaker, Pastor Dane Fletcher, Youth Director of the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Family Life Togetherness Day was celebrated under the theme: “Transforming Families for Now and for Eternity” on Sabbath, September 8, 2018, at the Heroes Circle Seventh-day Adventist Church, pastored by Pastor Kanhai Lumsden. 

Pastor Fletcher challenged the congregants to make preparation for the family, not just for living on earth but for our eternal home in Heaven.

“Disaster-Proof your Family now starting today,” said Fletcher. He indicated that precautionary measures are taken when there are natural disasters of this world such as Hurricane Gilbert 30 years ago, which was associated with long supermarket lines. Weathy individuals are also careful where they invest their funds as they seek to ensure security of the investments.

However, the husband and father, the man of God said, “Be ready for a spiritual disaster. Fence your family with prayer. Be forgiving. Treat each other well. Stock up on love, kindness, forgiveness. Have these stored up and placed in ‘reserve’ before your fences become weak and battered. Practice saying I am sorry knowing that you are living for eternity."

"If you give your spouse what they deserve, you also, will get in return, what you deserve”, he continued.

The Youth Director indicated that no matter what type of family you find yourself in, a real man should ensure that his family is protected.  He said while we seek to protect the house, the question is, 'Are we protecting the home?'  How you protect your family, will determine if you make it to heaven.

With emphasis and great importance, the preacher cautioned husbands and wives to abide by the instructions of the Word of God.  He encouraged women not to be afraid to love their husbands real hard and to treat them like a king at all times, while husbands, he said, should be prepared to give their lives for their wives. Nothing should be too great to give or do for your wife.

He called on husbands, wives, children and the entire family to embrace forgiveness as the lack of forgiveness is a problem.

The Family Life Directors at the church are Daniel and Simone Brandon.

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