Edson Collins Recognized by Kings Chapel SDA Church

Written by: Romero Newell | Thursday, January 4, 2018

Elder Edson Collins was recognized with  a Lifetime Achievement Award for Long Service as Elder and Sabbath School Teacher at the King's Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The presentation of awards spanned over two Sabbaths as the church celebrated its District Convocation and Thanksgiving Sabbath Service.

Elder Collins who hails from the parish of St. Catherine was baptized on July 26, 1958, at the Palm SDA Church in St. Catherine by Pastor Curtis Parchment (deceased) and was received into membership at the Ewarton SDA Church, also in St.Catherine.
He has been an active and ardent Seventh Day Adventist some 59 years, during which he has served as Sabbath School teacher for 47 years and Elder for over 33 years.

He was also recognized as King's Chapel's longest serving First Elder and Elder in the church's history.
In his acceptance speech the teary eyed elder expressed his love for the church, service and soul winning and his desire to see all of his fellow brothers and sisters in the kingdom of heaven. He also committed to continue to work and serve to the best of his abilities as long as the Lord allows it.

The Pastor, Board of Elders, Church Board, local membership and diaspora wishes to congratulate and thank Elder Edson Collins for his service and contribution to church ministries and development over the years and we pray for his strength, health and ministry.

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