EJC GEMS - Valued and Precious for a Purpose

Written by: EJC GEMS Coordinator Dr. Yvette Castell | Thursday, January 31, 2019

It was a weekend to remember as over 55 Girls of Eloquence, Morals and Standards (GEMS) from Zones 1, 2, and 3 of the East Jamaica Conference (EJC) of Seventh-Day Adventists, retreated to the Golden Acres Camp Site in Golden Spring from Friday to Sunday, Jan. 18-20, 2019. The retreat was led by Elders Claudette Genas, EJC’s Family, Women, Children and Adolescents Ministries Director and Dr. Yvette Castell, EJC GEMS Coordinator.

Pastor Eric Nathan, President of the EJC gave accolades to administration of the GEMS Ministry’s and lauded the transforming impact of the Ministry on the GEMS and those within the GEMS sphere of influence.   The weekend was filled with inspirational, uplifting, empowering presentations from Pastors Adolphus Smith, Pastor of the Golden Spring Circuit; Michael Lewis, Pastor of the Penwood District; Wadsworth McAnuff, Pastor of the North Street District; Omar Oliphant, Pastor of the Hagley Park District; Elders Claudette Genas, Andrew Francis from the Stony Hill Church, Courtney Berry, Family Ministry Director - New Haven; Shepherdess Carol Nathan and Marcella Lewis; Sis. Winsome Martin from the Constant Spring Church; and Shireka Campbell, EJC GEMS Vice President.   

The GEMS were reminded of their value as precious GEMS and of the need for them to recognize and utilize their innate abilities to witness especially by lifestyle to others daily. They received strategies and tips to assist them in “raising the bar” socially, mentally and spiritually as they develop their personalities. Additional mentorship came from several GEMS Coordinators who attended the retreat and special

assistants Shryl Jackson and Audrey Foote. The GEMS left the retreat knowing that they were not ordinary, but extraordinary in God’s hands. They understood that while God may call ordinary ladies, He transforms them into valued GEMS, so that others looking on will sense and know that they are prized, priceless, and kingdom-bound.

As the GEMS continue onward and upwards, they need your prayer and guidance as they keep in mind the ultimate goal which is the shared goal of evangelism - to bring souls to Christ. The GEMS will continue to strive to use their God-given potentials to be assets here on earth as they prepare for citizenship in heaven. 

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