EJC Mourns the passing of Dorett Osbourne

Written by: Phillip E.L. Castell Communication & PARL Director | Friday, January 7, 2022

Sis.  Dorret  Osbourne

Sis. Dorret Osbourne

The Seventh-day Adventist family in East Jamaica Conference is now mourning the loss of Sis. Dorett Osbourne, wife of former Executive Secretary, Pastor Devon Osbourne, who passed away on Thursday, Jan uary 6, 2022, after a short illness.

President of the Conference, Pastor Eric Nathan, described Sis. Osbourne as a very supportive wife, who was a tower of strength to her husband.

“She was always there beside her husband in ministry, and though reserved, was the wind beneath his wings,” said Nathan.

Pastor Linton Williams, Executive Secretary of the Conference added a similar sentiment.

“I am deeply saddened by the news of Sis Osbourne’s passing. The Ministerial families are deeply affected by the loss of this beautiful shepherdess and wife of our dear pastor.”

He continued, “I remember Sis Osbourne as a strong supportive wife to her husband. She stood by his side for over forty years and was seen as a woman of God offering a quiet Christlike disposition, said Williams.

Pastor Glenville Carr, who is a longtime friend of the family and ministerial associate with Pastor Osbourne,

said Dorett was like a spiritual mother in Isreal who  worked effectively behind the scenes with her husband.

“She mothered more than her own biological children and would often align herself with the Children’s ministries department in the churches where she and her husband served,” Carr said.

Pastor Devon Osbourne married his friend and partner in ministry on July 25, 1976, and together they reared three children, Janice, Devon Jnr and Shawna Kay.

The church family is being asked to remember Pastor Osbourne and his family in our prayers during this period of loss.

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