“Enough is Enough; End Crime and Violence in our Community Now”, says Pastor Holland Thompson and the Heroes Circle District of Churches

Written by: Judith Kirlew Samuels – Heroes Circle District of Churches | Wednesday, January 10, 2018

“Away with the crime; Away with the Violence”.  Stop killing our brothers, our sisters, our women and our children - Every life Matters. Turn to Jesus. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Love your neighbour as yourself”, were the sentiments of the scores of supporters during a march through the streets of Western Kingston. 

Pastor Thompson in his opening address welcomed Minister Mark Golding, Member of Parliament for the St Andrew South constituency, the Police and all support groups in the unifying call to put an end to crime and violence across the country.  He said, in 2017 over 1,600 persons were killed with 7 lives lost from the area.  “Today”, he said, “the church and all law abiding citizens say NO to crime and Violence.  He also told the community, “We should love our neighbours as ourselves”.

On January 6, 2018, in the afternoon and despite the threatening rain, District Pastor, Holland Thompson, led his congregants of Ephesus, Cross Roads and Heroes Circle Seventh-day Adventist churches in a march against crime and violence occurring within the surrounding communities.

The Peace March was organized in conjunction with Mr Mark Golding, MP and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) led by SSP Howard Chambers - Head of the Kingston Western Police Division and their


Other organizations which supported the event included the Ministry of Justice Restorative Justice Centre, Peace Management Initiative (PMI), Dispute Resolution Unit, among many others. 

The residents of Arnett Garden, Jones Town and Craig Town welcomed and endorsed the call for peace in their community.  One resident and street vendor of Greenwich Street, Arnett Garden, Mr D Clarke, gladly received one of the hundreds of Priorities Magazines distributed during the march.  He said, “Yes, the killings need to stop”.  An elderly lady nodded her head and gave a ‘thumbs up’ a signal that she was in favour of the appeal being made.

Mr Golding, in his address to the community, said that he was happy to partner with the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the fight against crime and violence. He said, “We need to love and respect each other.

Most people want peace and with peace come progress.  As we walk through the communities today, we are sending the message that we want peace, we want no more killings.  We want to demonstrate the God-like way of living”.

“If everybody goes to church, there will be less violence so I am calling for more persons to attend church to have a better Western Kingston, said, SSP Howard Chambers, as he commended the church for the initiative against crime.  He however appealed for the church to place on its 2018 schedule quarterly march to let the residents see law-abiding citizens who are living for God.  He told the gathering that in 2017, with the exception of killings and shootings, all crimes went down.  He said, “Much more partnership is needed”. “Put down the gun” said, Evangelist Brian Vincent. In his charge, he reminded the community that Jesus value life

and that is why He gave His life for all. He said, “Respect life because every life matters to God. Jesus is the answer. Turn from sin to righteousness.  Come let us reason together.  I give you Jesus”.  Several persons responded to his appeal by walking to the altar to receive prayer and follow-up bible study.

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