GEMS Ministry Launched at Mount James SDA Church on Women’s Ministry Day

Written by: Dr. Yvette Castell, EJC GEMS Ministries Coordinator | Wednesday, August 1, 2018

And it came to pass that on the 28th day of July, in the year of our Lord two thousand and eighteen, the brethren gathered together on the Mount called James, to launch the Girls of Eloquence Morals and Standards (GEMS) Ministry at the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.  And in that day, with the brethren gathered besides, were ever faithful GEMS from Johnson Town, newly inducted GEMS from Macedonia and supporting GEMS from Goldsmith Villa.

Yea, indeed, Sis. Anna Richards, Women’s Ministry Director of the Mount James brethren, stood steadfast as she commended eleven GEMS for induction into the East Jamaica Conference’s (EJC’s) Chapter of the GEMS Ministry.

Anon, EJC’s Assistant GEMS Coordinator, Sis. Taneshia Goodlitt, accepted Sis. Richard’s declaration as read, and led the GEMS inductees in the repetition of the GEMS Ideals and singing of the GEMS Song. She reminded them to bear in mind the transformation process that takes coal to diamond, sand to pearl, caterpillar to butterfly and spoilt milk to tasty vegetarian cheese, then straightway commended the eleven GEMS to the EJC’s GEMS Coordinator – Dr. Yvette Castell, for induction into the EJC’s GEMS Chapter. Dr. Castell verily accepted the declaration and welcomed the newly inducted GEMS of the Mount James Church into the GEMS Ministry.

The spoken message for the Women’s Ministry Day was delivered by Dr. Castell under the theme “Women United in Christ”. After thanking Sis. Francis for her kind introduction, she thanked Women’s Ministry’s Director, Sis. Anna Richards and the church board for consenting to invite her to speak. 

Dr. Castell conveyed greetings on behalf of EJC’s Family, Women, Children and Adolescents Ministries Director, Elder Claudette Genas who was away at Mission in Trinidad and Tobago.  She expounded the word beginning at the Creator’s view of Women, then sharing on the Wise Man Solomon’s view, looking at women in a man’s world, Jesus’s view of women and finally, women united in the work of Christ.


The EJC GEMS Coordinator said that sin broke the unity in heaven and that the Lord came to restore that unity. She further posited that the undisputed sign of a healthy vibrant church is unity. She noted that God  is  raising  up “women  who  are  spiritually  mature,  physically  capable,  emotionally  stable,  and  mentally  prepared  to  take  dominion  here  on  earth” (Women United in Christ – First Baptist Church of Lake Forest). She ended by encouraging the  Women  of  Mount  James to “Go  forth  United  in  Christ” with the knowledge that they are  fearfully  and  wonderfully  made  by  God,  called  to  a  higher  purpose  and  chosen  for  greatness!       

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