Gordon Town SDA Spreads Provisions and Gospel

Written by: Gordon Town Communications Dept | Monday, July 6, 2020

The Gordon Town Seventh-Day Adventist Church has expanded its outreach programme to meet the multitude of needs since the onset of COVID-19. Faced with mounting pressures of unemployment, pay cuts and job losses stemming from the pandemic, residents of Gordon Town and surrounding communities are receiving donations of food and personal care items by the church, which normally focuses its major outreach to the year-end. 


Having already distributed over 200 care packages, community service manager Donovan McNee and the team in the community service department are grateful for the support of the myriad of private and company donors.

As a part of the church’s core values, the Gordon Town SDA believes giving back to the community is a mandate they must fulfil. 

Sharing what inspired the initiative, Mr. McNee said: “I grew up hungry, so I know what it is like to lack. I believe that as God blesses me, it is my duty to give back to the community. The church and its members see the community’s challenges and are committed to providing assistance.”
Through a collective effort of pledges and monetary donations from other companies, the church administration, and friends, Mr. McNee and the team have been able to purchase, and deliver products including basic and non-perishable food items from LASCO, toiletries and hygiene products.
“Helping to mitigate the harsh economic realities in vulnerable communities has always been at the forefront for LASCO,” explained Omar Palmer marketing manager ⁠— consumer division at LASCO Distributors Limited, a member of the LASCO Affiliated Companies. “The impact of the pandemic has been felt by all. Every act of kindness counts towards getting our citizens through this period of difficulty, and we eagerly came on board to bring hope to the Gordon Town residents,” he added. 


A Charitable History
Approximately 200 individuals have benefitted from the Church’s outreach activities since the start of the 2020.
Since 2012, the congregation has hosted an annual year-end community treat and health fair, of which LASCO is also a major sponsor. The fair offers free health tests ⁠— particularly HIV, blood pressure and blood sugar — medical examination and health education, from which an estimate of 300 people access yearly. The Church’s community service manager hopes to continue this philanthropic move for as long as possible.
“We want the community that surrounds us to know that the church is here to offer support. These things are not being done for the benefit of our members, but that all can come to know their Saviour through our service,” McNee said. “We’re pointing people to the Almighty.”
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