Having Clean Fun & Expanding the Work of the Kingdom

Written by: Elaine. T Walters | Wednesday, May 30, 2018

“To oppress the poor is an insult to the Maker; who is the creator of both the rich and the poor.  Whoever is generous to the poor, lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deeds (Proverb 17:19)”.

It is the desire of our Lord that the church continues the work of taking care of the poor and needy of the land. This mandate has led the East Jamaica Conference (EJC) to plan and execute an event to source funds to continue in their mission of feeding and caring for the less fortunate of the society.

The Girl Guide Association came alive on Saturday, May 26, 2018, as Adventists from all spheres came out and supported the EJC Community Service Federation in their third edition of Festival of Praise; a benefit event, held in support of the less fortunate.

Dr. Eric Nathan, president of the conference, brought greetings on behalf of the EJC constituency. He alluded to the fact that doing good is an excellent remedy for disease. He urged individuals to be a blessing

to others as they normally return and benefit the sender. President Nathan also encouraged individuals with special gifts and talents to use them for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God.

A vibrant and spirited Pastor Ryandro Brown, was the show’s master of ceremonies and gave a stimulating appetizer for the show, setting the stage for what was to come. The main course and the dessert were succulent, from the first act to the very last. The following acts must be commended for their ‘epic performances’: Ambassadors for the Kingdom, Eternity Singers, The Merry Brothers, Voices of Praise, The Kingsmen and the Chorale. Shennel Clarke opened the show with a piercing, breath-taking performance. Her stellar performance left the audience salivating and yearning for more. 

That energy transcended to the charismatic Sanjay James, who then took the stage. The electrifying Anointed Praise left the audience mesmerized.  ‘A Few Good Men’ were dynamic in their delivery, and so was Pastor Jovan Whyte’s old school performance, which got the audience on their feet. Pastor Whyte’s high-spirited performance was engaged by an elderly lady, who was seen magnifying her God as she ran, skip and danced all over the arena. The ebullient Emeralds, as the name suggests, showed to be gems of high value and inspiration in their performance, ending the show on a high.

A unique feature of this year’s event was a fashion show, that added a deluxe flavour to the event. It brought home the message that as part of the royal priesthood, Christians should be elegant and different in their deportment. As the people of God continue in their quest to feed and clothe the poor and needy of the society, let us stay focused and steadfast in our mandate to continue the work of our father. By walking in his footsteps, he will one day say to all involved in his work, well done thou good and faithful servant.

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