Jamaica Union Conference COVID 19 Advisory

Written by: Jamaica Union Conference | Thursday, March 12, 2020


RELEASE #1: COVID 19 Advisory

Jamaica has now joined many other countries in the world in confirming two cases of the COVID-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) has now classified COVID-19 as a pandemic. While we pray earnestly that we will not experience an epidemic here in our beautiful island, we must ensure that the necessary precautions are taken to minimize the risks. The government of Jamaica has not placed a ban on church services, funerals or weddings at this time; we await further advisory regarding these matters. As such, the Administration of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Jamaica shares the following protocols as we move forward:

1. Each church must appoint a Crises Coordinator to supervise all matters in this regard. This person will relate to the Pastor, who will liaise with the Conference, and the Conference will relate to the Union, in order to facilitate a coordinated approach.

2. Outside of regular church service, no other large gathering should be planned (evangelistic series, conventions, music days, rallies, pathfinder and youth-related outdoor activities etc.).

3. Evangelistic series already in progress must be concluded at the very soonest, while maintaining the protocols that have been established for large gathering.

4. Where possible, streaming of our services should be done to minimize large gathering, in addition to using other forms of technology for our evangelistic programmes and activities.

5. Until further advised, if communion and baptismal services must be conducted, strict hygienic protocols should be observed.

6. No handshaking, holding of hands or embracing, as we seek to minimize the risks

7. Adequate water, soaps and hand sanitizers should be made available, in addition to gloves for persons handling tithes and offerings. Bathroom facilitates must be properly sanitized.

8. Elderly persons with pre-existing conditions should stay home.

9. Potlucks should be discontinued.

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