Jules put church on notice as it prepares for reaping campaign in March

Written by: Phillip E. L. Castell, Director, Communication, Public Affairs & Religious Liberty | Friday, February 7, 2020

International Evangelist and renowned SDA Church pastor Dr. Abraham Jules,   put the church on  notice that he will be back to preach the Word of  God with power come  March 21, 2020  when the Pathway of Hope  evangelistic campaign is set to begin. The evangelistic series , which is planned to be the largest soul winning effort by the church in the first quarter of the year, will take place at the VH Multipurpose center on the Kencot church grounds.  Over fifty churches are expected to participate as downlink sites for this multi church event across the Conference.

Jules was the guest speaker at the East Jamaica Conference’s Pathway of Hope Evangelistic Symposium and grand convocation held on February 1, 2020 at the Kencot SDA Church, which served as a precursor and planning meeting for church administrators, pastors and local church leaders, for the major evangelistic series now only weeks away.

“I am excited that I am alive today, but I am excited even more that God’s spirit has told me I am not here to just to be alive, but I am here to impact somebody’s life,” Jules said at the start of his presentation to the church.

The seasoned evangelist was quick to point out in his discourse that evangelism is best done when we recognize that we don’t have to go far beyond our circles. “Just where we are, we can reach out and touch somebody's life,” he said during his message, adding that the people we win to Jesus are basically   won through kinship or friendship. “They are people that we know, friends and family members and co-workers and those are the ones we want to impact for the upcoming reaping meeting in March,” he added.

In the thirty minutes or so that he shared with the church, the preacher of righteousness read from  Luke 4:16 – 18  and highlighted that Jesus

came to  impact people in areas of their lives just where they lived.

 A special invitation and call was made for people who wanted to be used by God in the salvation of souls  to come forward  by Dr. Jules  and a special prayer was offered on behalf of those who responded by Pastor Eric Nathan.

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