More Than 90 Prepared For More Effective Ministry in EJC

Written by: Phillip E. L. Castell, Director, Communication, Public Affairs & religious Liberty | Friday, June 7, 2019



 More than ninety elders across East Jamaica  Conference  received certificates signifying completion of the Inter-American Division  Elders' Certification Program  which  is  designed to

establish them in the Word of God and the Spirit of Prophecy.  The service was held at the Kings Chapel SDA Church on May 25, 2019 where the elders were addressed by Ministerial Secretary of the Jamaica Union Conference of SDA, Pastor Joseph Smith.


Dr. Joseph Smith, assistant to the president for evangelism, at the Jamaica Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists,   admonished the elders to be vigilant over the people of God who they lead and asked them  to give them “good food to eat.”


“Feed the flock, give them good food. And anyone you know is going to feed them, ensure they are giving them good food,” he added. “Feed them, care for them, protect them, and nurture them. God expects you elders to feed the flock, to watch over them, guard them and to visit them,” Smith said, in a manner that conveyed the importance of their vigilance over the flock of God.

The experienced pastor and evangelist admonished the elders to support their pastors in ministry including visitation. “You must join your pastor in visiting the brethren,” he added, noting that many of the problems we have in our churches, stem from the people not knowing their leaders.


Pastor Leabert Williams, Ministerial Secretary, EJC and the pastor with direct responsibility for elders, disclosed that more than one hundred and sixty elders participated in the elder’s certification program but presented to the president all those who had successfully completed phase 2 of the elder’s certification program.

“Today, we have here present, over eighty elders who have availed themselves through preparation and seminars for phase 2,” Williams said, as he presented the elders to the president the elders who had successfully completed phase 2 of the Elders’ Certification Program.

In his address to the elders, Conference president, Dr. Eric Nathan commended them for their tremendous contribution in the cause of God and encouraged them to continue to work for the Lord until he comes. .  

“The training you get and the certification is not to put up on a wall but it is meant to get you ready and for you to get your church ready to mobilize our members for action,” said Dr. Nathan. “This is what God wants from all of us and I want to commend you for the training you have put yourself through.

President of the Elders’ Association in EJC, Elder Murray noted that a more spiritual and informed eldership team is required in the church today especially as it ministers to the large youth cohort.    He also noted that a united team of elders and pastors would be able to accomplish more as they work together for the salvation of souls.


The event was also attended by Conference Secretary, Pastor Linton Williams and Elder Donmayne Gyles, Treasurer, who assisted in the handing out of the certificates  to the elders .

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