NCU Church Raises Over US $200,000 towards Building Project

Written by: S. Smith, CCMPR, Northern Caribbean University | Friday, July 2, 2021

Hosts of NCU Buildathon 2021

Hosts of NCU Buildathon 2021

Northern Caribbean University Church raised US$209,933 in pledges and cash donations during the staging of Buildathon 2021 on June 27. The funds raised will go towards the amount of US$600,000, which is required to complete phase two of the church building project.

Under the theme Building God’s Temple…Let’s Make This Happen, hundreds of online viewers and radio listeners tuned in to NCU FM and TV as well as the social media platforms of the university and the Seventh-day Adventist conferences of Jamaica. Audiences from overseas also tuned in. The event was staged in partnership with the Atlanta Belvedere Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Georgia-Cumberland Conference along with the Interlink fundraising group in the United States.

Hosts for the programme were Arnold Kelly, Dr Sharmaine Tapper and Pastor Jermaine Johnson. Entertaining and inspiring virtual performances were done by NCU friends and alumni. These included NCU ambassadors and current students – The Foster Triplets, NCU male singing group - Evince, Dale Brown & Friends, Petal Richards Chambers, Daequan Dixon, Voices in Christ, Shahaye, Basil Bean, K’Anthony and world renowned Wintley Phipps.

The event had live and pre-recorded interviews and appeals. Among those making appeals were Pastor Everett Brown, JAMU President and Chair of NCU Board and a former Associate Pastor of NCU Church; Dr Lincoln Edwards, University President; and Mr Desmond Young, former president of the Jamaica Institution of Engineers and project manager of the Church Building Project.

Endorsements were also made by Omar Oliphant, SDA ordained pastor and Attorney-at-Law; Dr Marilyn Anderson, former Music Director of NCU Church; Retired Pastor Noel Fraser, former chairman of West Indies College Board; Pastor Donnovan Williams, WJC Executive Secretary; and Ruel Haye, outgoing president of the United Student Movement, ordained Elder and musician at NCU Church. Endorsement of the project came from the young, alumni, and friends of the university. These included Rojaune Miller – teenage church member, Harold Clayton - President of the NCU Alumni Federation, Dr Burnett Robinson - President of the New York NCU Alumni Association, Dr Donald King – NCU Alumnus and a former president of the Atlantic Union Conference, Dr Leonard Johnson - executive secretary of the Inter-American Division of Seventh-Day Adventists and Dr Curtis Fox - Senior Pastor of the Conyers SDA Church in the Georgia-Cumberland Conference.

Pledges from overseas, at the end of the event, totalled US $16,390.00 with local pledges and contributions being US $193,543.21. The Georgia-Cumberland Conference pledged US$75,000.00. The presidents of the various conferences pledge their personal support, as well as support from their conferences. The pledges announced were Central Jamaica $1 million, North Jamaica $100,000.00, North East Jamaica $250,000.00, West Jamaica $250,000.00 and East Jamaica $250,000.00. JAMU President Brown announced a pledge of $2 million towards the project for this year.

Fundraising for the Church Building Project continues with Phase 2 in progress. The completion of this phase will facilitate the holding of services, while other phases of the building project continue. Persons wishing to still contribute are invited to go to

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