New Kingston SDA Fellowship given Company Status in EJC

Written by: Elaine T. Walters - Andrews Memorial SDA Church / Photos by Yorkali Walters | Friday, May 25, 2018

Go ye into all the World, and preach the gospel to every man. (Mark 16: 15).  This is the “Great Commission”; the instruction that God gave to man, and the tenet upon which the church builds its ministry, works and evangelism. Just as the prophets, who have gone on before, the Andrews Memorial SDA church continues to permeate the earth with the first angel’s message of Revelation 14 in spreading the gospel in every nook and cranny across the land.

This action led to the church outgrowing its original structure and gave birth to an extension arm

 of the church which came to be known as “The New Kingston SDA Fellowship”.   

On Saturday, May 19, 2017; the New Kingston SDA Fellowship had its inauguration service at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC), New Kingston; where the church was given Company status by the East Jamaica Conference administration. Elder Trevor Little has been assigned as leader of the Church.   

The service was officiated by the three Conference Administrators, Pastor Eric Nathan, President, Executive Secretary, Pastor Linton Williams, and Treasurer, Elder Donmayne Gyles with Pastor Leonard Steele, senior pastor of the Andrews Memorial SDA Church, and Pastor Brian Shaw his associate pastor, rounding out the supporting cast.   

 The installation of a new church is one way of spreading the Gospel. This mandate became possible as the church executed its’ God given assignment of (1) evangelizing the unsaved, (2) baptisms and (3) educating of the new converts.  

An historic overview of the church was given by Keith Nugent, first elder of the Andrews Memorial SDA Church.  He outlined how the Andrews Memorial church out grew its original structure at the Hope Road facility, and needed space for the new converts and other dedicated unsaved attendees who were in need of a church home to develop and grow.

Nugent went on to share how the concept of the New Kingston fellowship became a reality. He shared details of the quest of the church to find a location with public gathering approval and how tedious the process was.

The first elder disclosed that when the church was unable to find a place with the required spacing; they turned the search around to find an edifice that already had a public gathering approval that they could utilize. The relevant authority approached Dr. Adams and Mrs. Adams and they quickly gave permission for the church to use the UCC facility for their weekly meetings in October of 2016.

Elder Nugent went on to disclose that the group started very small with eight leaders and approximately twenty attendees. The weekly meetings  grew and by February 04, 2017, the facility was opened to the public with its weekly Sabbath meetings. The meetings continued to grow and the leadership team was increased from eight to fourteen.

As the church continued to implement, assess and evaluated its progress, the weekly operations just got better and better.

Pastor Linton Williams in his opening remarks, laid a charge to the church to “let God be their guide”. Pastor Eric Nathan also challenged the church to align itself to receive from the goodness of God. He pointed out that God equips and rewards individuals for service.

Pastor Nathan suggested that the church should join the Gospel Commission and use their talents for praise. The president commended the leadership of the Andrews Memorial SDA for supporting the    New Kingston Fellowship. The Church received its company status and currently has over a hundred regular persons in attendance; along with forty-three non-committed persons.

The church is truly elated about the progress of its new birth and give all the honor, glory and praise to the Most High God; as the church continue on its mandate to spread the gospel and save souls to enlarge the Kingdom of God.

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