Oshain Stewart installed as new pastor of Hampton Court District of Churches

Written by: Phillip E. L. Castell, Director, Communication, Public Affairs & Religious Liberty | Friday, October 25, 2019

Pastor Oshain Stewart address the congregation at the Hapton Court SDA CHurch on October 19, 2019

Pastor Oshain Stewart address the congregation at the Hapton Court SDA CHurch on October 19, 2019

Pastor Oshain Stewart turned a new page in his journey as a minister of the gospel when he was installed as the district pastor of the Hampton Court circuit of churches in St. Thomas, on October 19, 2019.  

The service of installation was supervised by Pastor Leabert Williams, Ministerial Secretary of the Conference who was supported by elders from the Hampton Court, Rolandsfield, Wheelerfield and Arcadia SDA Churches which make up the district.

 Williams was happy to be the minister assigned to introduce and install the young intern in his first pastoral district and had only praises for Stewart who came to East Jamaica Conference   four years ago after completing his Bachelor of Science degree in Theology at Northern Caribbean University in 2015.

“I think Pastor Stewart will do well in his district,” Williams said after the installation. “He is a hard worker, humble, and is a committed fellow.  He is also a dynamic preacher and one who loves the Lord.”

The solemn installation service was attended by members and church leaders Stewart was assigned to the district by Conference Administrators to replace Pastor Marvin Chin who was reassigned to the Woodbourn District of Churches to fill the void created by the reassignment of Pastor Joel Jumpp to the Constant Spring SDA Church in Kingston.  

This last movement of pastors was triggered by the vacancy created by the departure of Pastor Jovan Whyte and his wife to the United States of America just a few weeks ago.

Stewart speared no time to demonstrate his preaching prowess to his new constituents who were carried to heavenly places with his fiery delivery of the Word.

Elder Lucan Turner, first elder of the Arcadia SDA Church said he was pleased with what he saw during the installation and expressed optimism going forward with his new pastor.

“It really was special for me to have met and see our pastor deliver his first message,” Turner said.  “The way forward looks positive and prosperous with him.”

Elder Lincoln Livingston from the Rolandfield Church also expressed optimism in working together with their new pastor.” Today was a wonderful day.  I expect great things. Our pastor is a good one and we are looking forward to work together to build the district as we work together for the Lord.”

Elder Donna Thompson from the Wheelerfield SDA Church was touched by the passion that came from Pastor Stewart as he delivered his maiden message.  “I have listened to Pastor Oshain Stewart and my heart is burning within me,” Thompson said with a smile that says she is looking forward to great things from her new pastor. “The sermon this afternoon has lifted my spirit and I know we can work together. The brethren at Wheelerfield will be happy and overjoyed to work with him as the pastor,” she added.

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