Precious For A Purpose

Written by: Ruth-Ann Brown | Thursday, December 14, 2017

"Precious for a Purpose" is a theme that will long be remembered by the over seventy Girls of Eloquence, Morals and Standards (GEMS) who attended the weekend retreat at the Golden Acres Resort in Stony Hill, St. Andrew on November 24-26, 2017.

The presenters and coordinators engaged the young ladies in activities aimed at shaping them into model women for the kingdom. Sessions focused on understanding one’s worth, posture and poise, making good decisions, having healthy relationships, seeing the purpose in nature, among others.

 “Don’t scatter roses after I’m gone” was the stimulus for GEMS to share special thoughts and commendations to each other during the retreat. Each young lady received a treasure box in which the notes were deposited so they could retrieve and read them whenever they chose.

Keynote speaker, Lana Brown, wife of Pastor Everett Brown, president of the Jamaica Union Conference, challenged the girls during the Sabbath service to find and understand their purpose. She highlighted that they should stand out wherever they are and make a difference.

“You are the salt of EJC… of your home, work, school and community. You are the salt of the world,” she said.

“As long as Jesus is the centre of your lives, you can truly actualise your purpose,” she continued.

The girls were joined by a few Shepherdesses, wives of pastors in the East Jamaica Conference, who came to interact and fellowship with them during the Sabbath afternoon session.

Men’s Ministries and Associate Family Life Ministry Director, Pastor Manley Phillips discussed the challenges faced by young women of today. He encouraged the girls to stay away from sexual immorality which he believes is one of the crippling obstacles of the youth.

“We want to see you as pure young ladies, preparing for the master… to do Jesus’ will”, said Pastor Phillips.

GEMS President, Nicole Scarlett, believes that the retreat allowed the young ladies to understand that they are set apart and valuable.

“They should know their worth. They are part of a Royal Priesthood, a peculiar people of a holy nation.”

Coordinator of the GEMS Programme, Yvette Castell, was pleased with the outcome of the weekend. She believes it has mandated the girls to live intently. 

“They need to know their purpose and start living it. All GEMS are unique and special,” she exclaimed.

The executive team for 2018 was elected by the GEMS to plan and execute the activities for the upcoming year. Overall, the GEMS were recharged to stand as ladies with a purpose, made extraordinary in God’s hands.


Click Here for Photo Highlights of the weekend activities. 

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