Ransomed And Redeemed; Living On Assignment

Written by: Claudette Genas, Family, Women, Children & Adolescents Director, EJC | Thursday, September 13, 2018

ASI/ IAD 2000 & beyond Junior Chapter is a ministry where the children and youth are given more opportunities to represent Christ to the world. Mrs. Marvalee Franklyn, the founder and director of this ministry started the project in Barbados in 2000 and each year one island is added to its portfolio.

In direct fulfillment of the promise made in Acts1:8: “But you shall receive power and you shall be witnesses unto me in… “, a contingent of thirty six (36) missionaries from Jamaica entered Tobago with the passion of the pioneers and the expected power of the Holy Spirit. The contingent was led by the Family, Women, Children and Adolescents Ministries Director, Elder Claudette Genas and her administrative assistant, Sis. Shryl Jackson. The place of residence was Signal Hill Comprehensive High School. To begin the impact themed ' Ransomed and Redeemed' a joint consecration service was held with the natives. The charge was delivered by Brandon Daley, a seasoned missionary from Jamaica. The reception from the pastors, conference directors and natives was energizing. 

The missionaries were dispatched in seven groups and given their mandate. They were tasked to undertake all the responsibility of all

aspects of the evangelistic crusade including Bible work.

They were assigned construction work at the Tobago ASI Media Center of Interest, painting of a nursery home and tree planting. Additionally all sites were tasked to engage in at least one project.  A concrete staircase was built from scratch by the missionaries supervised by Elder Joseph Francis an ASI missionary from Trinidad.

It was a joy to see our preachers in action nightly connecting with the audience and preaching with passionate Holy Spirit enthusiasm. The line up of preachers from Jamaica included seasoned missionaries Victoria Bennett, Brandon Daley, Carissa Hanson and Abigail Whittingham as well as Shenel Blygin, Timothy Davis, Brandon Edwards and Myomi Tucker. They delivered approximately 30 sermons.

The missionaries were out like foot soldiers daily in the communities. Some were knocking on doors reinforcing doctrinal presentations, nailing down decisions or just thanking attendees for coming to the crusade. Some males, 15 years and over, made a visit to the prison to minister to the inmates. Others were involved at the different community projects.

Returning to the campsite by 4 p.m. they made themselves ready by 6 p.m. for their nightly evangelistic service which was held from 7 - 9 p.m. On their return to camp each night all seven groups gave their reports. These reports provided the guide used for making changes where necessary at the different sites. Testimonies and prayer sessions in praise as well as agonizing with God to have his way was part of the nightly session after the reports were given. It was no easy task retiring after 11 p.m. and rising for room devotion at 6 a.m. then 7 a.m. for general worship.

All were directly engaged in at least 5 aspects of the mission impact. At the camp site they were rostered for kitchen duties, janitorial activities, training in puppetry, miming, music ministry, sign language, kids praise, delivery for all aspects of the nightly preliminaries and public speaking practice. The foregoing complimented training for all preachers, then selecting the seven who would preach that night. There were times that the

foreign preachers had to give way to the native preachers to grow and cause more ownership of the ministry.

Three of the projects that impacted most were the contribution to the Kyla cornea transplant fund for one of the missionaries who is going blind in one eye, the mortar work done at the ASI Media Centre of interest especially by the female missionaries and the additional room that was built for a mother who lived in a one room with her children. The mother and her children were baptized in the last week of the ‘Ransomed and Redeemed’ impact crusade.

Personal growth building sessions were done in general and gender sessions. Missionaries were taught how to hug, meet and greet, maintain a standard in the choice of friends, develop better interpersonal relationship with their family, as well as achieve professional certification before snaking into deep waters. All missionaries had to launder and press their own clothes. Some found this challenging. Others managed with some supervision. However, (8) year old Kyle Loney, washed and ironed his clothes with ease.

We salute the main ‘footmen’ who sacrificed much for the continuous individual and overall growth of the missionaries: - Elder Donovan & Sis. Camille Hanson, Elder Donmayne Gyles, Dr. Loretta Daley, Dr. Trevor Little, as well as Dr. Eric Nathan, Pastor Linton Williams, Sis. Winsome Martin and Sis. Patricia Young. To Elder Desmond Young who sacrificially and consistently stood in the gap, assisting with sorting bumps, making connections from plane to plane… island to island as they walked with us especially this year.  They have assisted with our training and provided a buffer for deeper ministry.

The adult team members Audrey Foote and Merlyn Thomas, 7 and 4 years respectively of unbroken volunteer support; as well as Joni Bartley, Shanjaz Barrett and Yvette Davis, first timers, complimented the team of youngsters. It is noteworthy to mention the years of continuous service that our 2017 outstanding preachers have given here in Jamaica and abroad. Brandon Daley, 5 years; Victoria Bennett, 7 years; Carissa Hanson 4 years and Abigail Whittingham 5 years, have never missed a mission since they started over four years ago. Additionally, Justin Stewart was named the 2018 most outstanding construction site mission volunteer and Camoya Little, Shamar Watson and Myomi Tucker the most notable growth overall.

The flame of evangelism is growing as the missionaries volunteer their summer each year in a different territory. This year 10 new churches Balcombe Drive, Golden Grove, Kings Chapel, Omara Road, Flankers, Florence Hill, Seaview, Padmore, Washington and NCU were part of the mission trip. Mission 2018 was a rewarding experience. The reality is that it was much more work than we had anticipated. The cultural dynamics were different. Nevertheless, the unified approach in a concentrated area from July 25- August 21 made a difference. At the end 61 persons were baptized. 

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