Six Ministers Ordained to a Life of Service

Written by: Sophia Dormer, Administrative Assistant, EJC Communication Department | Friday, November 22, 2019

As the church in East Jamaica Conference continues to grow in its mission of promulgating the Gospel of Salvation to a dying world, six ministers were ordained and approved for the Ministry of the Word and services of the Church. 

During a special Service of Ordination held at the Kencot SDA Church on November 16, Pastor Everett Brown, president of the Adventist Church in Jamaica, reminded the ministers and the members present that “ Pastors are important.”

He said “Pastors are important in their administration, their leadership and the growth of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Where we have committed, dedicated selfless pastoral leadership, the Church grows”.

The ministers who were ordained with their wives by their side, and the support of family, friends and members of their respective churches, beamed with joy as they accepted the call for further service to God and the church.  Those ordained were:

Pastor Sheldon Schooler - Woodford District of Churches

Pastor Ryandro Brown - Seafort District of Churches

Pastor Andre Clark - Hall’s Delight District of Churches

Pastor Michael Lewis – Penwood District of Churches

Pastor Sadekie Beckford – Yallahs District of Churches

Pastor Brian Shaw – Florence Hill District of Churches

In addressing the ordinands directly, Brown said, “this is the message I want to leave with you, this is the message I would like to paint or engraved on your minds as we lay hands on you, and as we set you aside for a life of service to God. You are being called, you are being singled out for a life of service to God. Pastoral ministry in the Seventh-day Adventist Church is important, it’s not old fashion, it’s not outdated, its critical to the fulfillment to the mission of Jesus Christ. You have been singled out by God to provide leadership in pastoral ministry”.

In continuing his charge to the Ministers, Brown reminded them that they will face embarrassing and difficult moments, that the cross of Jesus Christ is not easy to bear.... it’s not easy, he reiterated,  “but the God who calls you will support you, the God who calls you will provide for you, the God who calls you will watch your back, the God who calls you will lead you to success and to achieve mission in the face of difficulties and Challenges…You are bonded to Christ for life.

The ordinands were also presented with a copy of the Bible and the book Revelation for Things to Come from the East Jamaica Conference Administration.

Shepherdess Lana Brown, Carol Nathan and Sharon Williams were on hand to welcome the wives to the sorority of ordained ministers’ wives.

Other ministers officiating at the Ordination Service were: Pastors Meric Walker, Bancroft Barwise, Joseph Smith and Adrian Cotterell (Jamaica Union Conference) Pastors Eric Nathan Linton Williams and Leabert Williams (East Jamaica Conference).

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