Washington Gardens SDA Church brings Relief to Drewsland Community Amidst COVID-19

Written by: Mrs. Sophia Dormer, Administrative Assistant, Communication Department | Friday, May 8, 2020

As thousands of people across the world struggle to find some form of stability amidst the global pandemic caused by the covid-19 virus, the Ministry of Christ was extended to several needy members of the Drewsland community in St. Andrew. 

Driven by this need, the Washington Gardens SDA church in East Jamaica Conference presented just over 54 care packages to families of that community as part of their Community Services initiative on Thursday, April 30, 2020.

Christopher Atkinson, pastor of the church commented that although the distribution of packages to the community is a regular practice of the church, he is proud to be a part of such a venture at this time. “If the church is of no benefit to the community, then it need to close its’ doors.  We are fully attached to our community, and are involved in the wellbeing of our community members. We do this for the Lord”, he said.

The Washington Gardens Church Community Service Director, Adrianna Johnson expressed empathy for the many persons who have lost their jobs because of the pandemic and are presently in need.

She stated that many individuals from the community have been calling and requesting help.   It was based on this, she said, that care packages were put together, with contributions from members of the church and the public.  Elders Marston Thomas and Dale Flynn assisted with the distribution.   

Johnson while encouraging the community that this too shall pass, admonished everyone to abide by the rules of the land, wear their masks and make every effort to be safe.

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