Zone 1 Youth Collect over 70 Bags of Trash

Written by: Deonne Anderson | Tuesday, September 24, 2019

In commemoration of International Coastal Clean-up Day celebrated annually on September 21,   more than 45 senior youth, pathfinders and adventurers of the Zone 1 Federation of Adventist Youth impacted a waterway in the Rockforth area on Sunday,  September 22, 2019.

Youth coming from churches such as Kencot, Trench Town, Rollington Town, Ephesus, Heroes Circle, Arnold Road, North Street, Metro Mission and Johnson Town, were tasked with collecting, separating and recording of garbage collected during the clean-up.

"We saw the need to lead by example in helping to alleviate the destruction of our natural resources, said Area Coordinator for the Zone 1 Federation, Josiah Maynard-Reid. “Each year we hope to participate in an initiative like this”.

As bag after bag was filled, and Project Coordinator, Kadia Julye, making several trips to purchase more bags to facilitate the growing need, not only were the coastlines impacted- the youth also were impacted by the activity.

“It was an awesome experience, it felt nice, giving back to the environment.  It also made me realize how our actions affect the environment.”  ,said  Oshin Lawrence, member of the Trench Town SDA church.

“We are contributing to climate change and we can make a difference!” Tianna Murray, Zone 1 President added during the exchange.

Sisters Anna Marie & Lianna Oddman, Pathfinder and Adventurer respectively at Rollington Town SDA’s Astronaut Club were not to be left out, adding that the activity was educational and lifesaving “because you are saving the sea creatures”.

With more than 72 bags of garbage collected and over 2500 plastic bottles collected for recycling, the Zone 1 Federation of Adventist Youth don’t intend to stop there.

Area Coordinator Josiah Maynard- Reid says “We intend to make this an ongoing project and we will have another project to beautify a community park this year.”

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