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The Hagley Park SDA Church began in 1946 on the veranda of a resident in the Three Miles area of Kingston 11. The church later moved to three other locations to facilitate the growing membership.

It was during the 1950's that several members from different SDA churches met at the home of Bro. Tomlinson on Payne Avenue in Kingston 11. Hurricane Charlie did extensive damage to the wooden structure where this company of believers met, and this prompted them to organize a search party to find a spot where they could build a permanent structure.

Under the guidance and help of Pastor Stockhousen, who was then President of the Jamaica Conference; the site adjoining the Liquid Food Soda Company on Gretna Green Avenue was purchased, built upon and the Gretna Green SDA Church was dedicated to the Lord in 1957.

By the early 1960's the core body of the church membership began to develop. Individuals and families such as the Griffiths, Walsh, Kerr, Brown, Mignott, Chetram, Maragh, Marshalee, Anderson, Cameron, Myrie, Hamilton, Fray, Tai, McLaren, Williams, Subbrian and Moss, to name a few.

The *Gretna Green SDA Church was transferred to the current larger facility at 114a Hagley Park Road on the opposite side of the street. It was under the strong leadership of Pastor A.D. Laing and a committed membership that this magnificent edifice was completed. By then the church membership stood at over 500 in good and regular standing. In 1972, this new building was dedicated to our Master's service as the Hagley Park SDA Church. 

In the year 1943, after much prayer and consultation with a few brethren from the Regent Street Seventh-Day Adventist church, Bro. Samuel Bruce along with brothers Herbert Thomas, Hubert Smith, Robinson, Francis, Mittoo, Sisters Estelle Salmon, Mary Thomas and others launched a house to house campaign in the Cockburn Pen Area where tracts were handed out, words of God were preached. They formed themselves into a company.

After a time, a piece of property was obtained by lease from the Housing Authority by the three and one half (3 ½) miles substation, facing the Biscuit Factory on Spanish Town Road.A large size building was constructed of wattle (or sticks) and thatched with fronds from the coconut palm. Seats were made from two pieces of bamboo set in wood placed in the ground. The roof was made with a few pieces of board and zinc. From this small beginning a company had forms as there were no churches in the area.   A Bible class was started in this building each Tuesday by Bro P.B. Kelly, who had joined with his wife and two sons, namely, Dr. Donald Kelly and educator Eyon Kelly. The Bible class was followed by Sunday and Wednesday night meetings. These individuals enjoyed sweet fellowship.

As time went by, it was decided to have Sabbath worship, so in 1944 the first Sabbath service was held. Hubert Smith was the Superintendent, Mary Thomas was secretary and the pastor was George E. Smith. They were organized into a company later in the year with Pastors Crowfoot and R.H. Pierson presiding. There favourite song from the “Christ in Song was:-

            “Awake my soul in joyful lays,

              And sing the great Redeemer’s praise

              He gently leads my soul along,

             His loving kindness Oh how strong’

 They welcomed pastors and interns, such as Pastor W. U. Campbell, Pastor Cebert F. Edwards and Pastor Clyde C. Nesbett.

The membership of the church grew and these families began to fellowship with them, namely:  Salmon, Tomlinson, Lynch, Cayman, Watson and Mittoo. In the year 1945 they had their baptism – three souls were baptized:- Salmon, Tomlinson and Mittoo. Many other individuals joined the church including Brother and Sis Hall of the Hall’s Shoe Factory, their son Irving Hall and daughter Beryl Hall. Their financial help was the great upkeep and support to a small day school which began on August 5, 1945, with ten (10) children. Its chief aim was that these students be instructed from the Sabbath School Quarterly. 

They had plans to erect a permanent structure, but were met with difficulties as materials bought were stolen and the overseer for the land told them they should not continue building until they contacted them.

By 1950 the place of worship was badly deteriorated, so they joined up with the Greenwich Town brethren under a big tent that was operated by the Nembhard brothers. They stayed there for a while, seeking other avenues.


Brother Claude Tomlinson, who had a property in Delacree Lane, a few chains from Three Miles, kindly consented to give a spot for the erection of the church. The church was built and worship continued. Disaster struck in the early fifties in the form of Hurricane Charlie, and levelled the church.   During the years, the church was privileged to have Pastors Hilbert E. Nembhard, Herbert Fletcher, Oswald Gordon and C.Binns under whose leadership the building was finished and dedicated to the glory of God.  Pastors Albert A. Morgan, Fred E. Whyte and James G. Bennett were responsible for seeing that the mortgages for Gretna Green Church were paid off and that the first organ and new benches were bought for the church. 

The members of the company, continued in much prayer and fasting as the Lord’s for guidance. Soon a spot was sighted at Gretna Green Avenue. All the members made contribution of cows, goats, board, cement, steel, grave, cash and labour. Many fund raising ventures and sacrifices were made in order to purchase of the property and finance the building of the church. Many builders such as Brothers: Hall, Myrie, Hamilton, Bartholomew, Kelly, Campbell, women and children and others assisted greatly in the construction of the Gretna Green Church.

Pastor Roy Ashmeade serves as Pastor for the period 1965-1967.

Pastor A.D. Laing came in October 1967 and the membership of the church grew rapidly and plans were afoot to locate another piece of land on the other side of Hagley Park Road to erect a place of worship. The church met with great difficulties as the government was not too keen in having a church erected in this commercial area. Brother Harvey Hamilton did the blue print for the erection of the Hagley Park S.D.A. Church at 114A Hagley Park Road. Pastor A.D. Laing went overseas soliciting fund from individuals whom he knew could assist him. These families;- The Halls,  Tais, Hamilton and several others dedicated their means, time and prayers in the erection of the Hagley Park Church.  The people under the leadership of Pastor A.D. Laing had a mind to work and God blessed their efforts and crowned them with success, thus making it possible for us to be worshipping in this church, erected to the glory of God and for the promulgation of the Gospel to all who will accept the Three (3) Angels Message of Revelation 14: 6-12.

 The journey from Cockburn Pen(Gardens), to Delacree Lane, to Gretna Green in the year 1943 and now Hagley Park S.D.A. since 1973 was made possible by God Almighty and his faithful servants. To God be the glory great things He has done.  

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    Solutions provided to Adventist Senior Citizens at Convention

    Senior Citizens of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in East Jamaica Conference were provided with a forum to ask questions and be updated on how to handle some of the challenges facing them, at the evening session of the Senior Citizens and Grandparents Convention held at the Hagley Park SDA Church on September 19, 2015.