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The Oak Glades SDA Church started in 1996 and was a direct result of the elders of the Hagley Park SDA Church who saw the need for the gospel to be spread to the area of Spanish Town Road surrounded by communities such as Pane Land, Delacree Park, Brotherton Avenue and Myrie Avenue. Pastor Glen Carr, then pastor of the Hagley Park church and Elders Rupert Whittaker & John Wigan went in search for a spot for that effort. Their effort led them to 249-251 Spanish Town Road where there was an abandoned lot of land. Pastor Carr and the elders decided to ask for the land to be used for a crusade and got permission to use it. A crusade under the theme, “The Triumphant Gospel Crusade” followed, with Pastor Herman Ming conducting the crusade around mid July to early August 1996.

Towards the end of the crusade it was decided that a tabernacle should be erected and a church started. During the erection of the tabernacle, the new members remained under the tent. With the desire to start a church, a negotiation started and the owner of the land decided to sell. The land was purchased from a joint venture between the East Jamaica Conference and the Hagley Park Church. 

The material was purchased and stored on the conference grounds on at 74 ½ Constant Spring Road. It was also there that the frames for the ceiling of the church were fitted. It was also from the conference that the sketch for the church came. Elder Harvey Hamilton of the Hagley Park church, the chief builder, however decided that that sketch was too small and along with Cyril Simms, head deacon at the Hagley Park church extended the design by adding a platform to the sketch received. The material for the building was supplied by the EJC. Labourers were paid for by the Hagley Park church and the building was erected in about 3 weeks. Eventually the welfare department and children’s department were added. 

Elder Howson was the first elder with Pastor Carr the first serving pastor for the church. At its inception the church, then a company had 60 members – some members coming from the Hagley Park and Greenwich Town churches who were asked to serve the new company. The first membership included persons such as Michael Scott (first Pathfinder Director), L. Anderson, S. Williams, Leroy Davey, Winnifred Raynor, Veronica Christie, Elder W. Howson, Elvita Fletcher, Franlyn Brown, Euvene McDonald, T. Simms, Br. Buchanan, Seymour Mattison, Pamella Bloomfield, Fitzroy Mitchell, Sis. Howson (wife of Elder Howson, she was also the first choir director), Lorna Rattray, Br. Hutchinson, Claudette Dixon, Sis Reid. A part from the members of the others churches most of the members were a direct result of the crusade. There were some persons who came from a small gathering of Adventist believers who were worshipping at Myrie Avenue. That church initially was a po-co church. The mother (leader) died and someone got the place she was using to be used as a SDA church. With the start of the new church near by it was decided to move that group of Adventist believers to 249-251 Spanish Town Road which was a bigger and better location.

With the construction of the church the members sought for a name. At first it was challenging, however they were eventually able to decide on a name. Sis. Veronica Christie suggested that the church be called the Oak Glades SDA Church after the name a new housing scheme that was being developed next to the church by the National Housing Development Cooperation (NHDC).

In (August of) 2002, The Oak Glades Church was inaugurated as a Seventh Day Adventist Church. Currently the church membership stands at 320 members.

Written By Conray Forrester
Data Collected by: Conray Forrester, Aneel Beckford and Timeisha Williams