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In the year 1944, the brethren of White Horses who used to travel to Morant Bay on Sabbaths to attend Tabernacle church, saw the need for having a company of their own. Subsequently, Brother Horne from the Morant Bay church decided to hold a crusade in the White Horses district. Out of that evangelistic series, a little group was born. The members did not have a building to worship in, therefore, on Sabbaths they would borrow Mr. Coke’s verandah to keep Sabbath School. By the year 1946, there were thirteen members: Obidiah Lewis, his wife Una Lewis and their four children, Metrobel Harrison and her five children and Sis. Kenton from Yallahs.

Little by little the church grew. In 1955, the members leased a small piece of land from Mr. Phillip Campbell in the White Horses district. A small bamboo structure was erected on the land. The members had more space to worship and indeed this was important as more persons were joining the group. Brother Thomas Reid and his wife Muriel joined the church in that year along with Brother and Sister Wright from Yallahs. The first pastor was K.B. Lewis, who served the church with his wife and son Ruddy.

Although the group had a bamboo structure on leased property, they were always on the lookout for the opportunity to purchase their own land. It was no surprise therefore, that when Bro. Lewis spotted a vacant lot in the district, he approached the Conference to purchase the property. The owner of the property, Mr. Edwards was kind to sell the piece of land for £24 so the brethren could worship more comfortably. The sale was finalized in the late 1950s and Brother Lewis rode his bicycle from White Horses, St. Thomas to 74 Constant Spring Road in Kingston to collect the money to pay for the land.

In 1961, the brethren moved from Mr. Campbell’s place to their own spot of ground, there a zinc roof structure was erected. God be praised!