New pastoral assignments in EJC

Written by: Phillip E. L. Castell, Director, Communication, Public Affairs & Religious Liberty | Friday, August 2, 2019



The East Jamaica Conference Executive Committee has made adjustments to the Conference's pastoral assignments to fill vacancies created by the resignation of three pastors recently. The new pastoral assignments will take effect on September 1, 2019. 

Pastor Alanzo Whyte, who now serves as pastor of the Kings Chapel circuit of churches will, take the place of Pastor Wadsworth McAnuff who served as pastor of the North Street and Arnold Road SDA Churches prior to his retirement. Whyte will assume the position of leader for    pastors in zone 1 (Zone 1 Leader) and become a member of the Conference’s executive committee, the highest governing body for the SDA Church in East Jamaica Conference.   

Pastor Adolphus Smith who now serves as pastor of the Golden Spring District of Churches will fill the vacancy created by the movement of Dr. Pastor Alanzo Whyte from the Kings Chapel District of churches.

The vacancy created by the movement of Pastor Adolphus Smith will be filled by Pastor Dane Ferguson who will now be the district pastor for the Golden Spring circuit of churches. His place will be filled by Pastor Romaine Richardson who takes up his first assignment as district pastor at the Mavis Bank district of churches. 

The pastoral assignment for the Rollington Town District of churches is yet to be finalized.  In the interim, Pastor Leabert Williams, Ministerial Secretary will assume supervisory role of the churches in the district  until further announcements.

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