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Retired, but Not Forgotten

In keeping with the strategic mandate of “Reaching In and Reaching Out,” the Shepherdesses International East Jamaica Chapter paid a ‘courtesy call’ to two retirees.

Adiese Jonas- Murphy, Public Relations Officer, Shepherdess’ Intl. EJC Chapter|

In keeping with the strategic mandate of “Reaching In and Reaching Out,” the Shepherdesses International East Jamaica Chapter paid a ‘courtesy call’ to two retirees, namely: Ambrozine Allen, widow of former East Jamaica Conference (EJC) President, Pastor Josephus Allen and Gertilyn Grant, widow of Pastor Michael Grant who served as former Family Ministries and Ministerial Director, (EJC). The planned visits took place on Sunday March 20, 2022, at their homes.


“I thought I was forgotten,” said Allen, “but I am so happy to know that I am remembered. I didn’t expect it because once you are out of the limelight, you tend to be forgotten. But I am glad that you remembered that I am still alive” she beamed with her unique laugh. The visit reminded the retirees, that though they are not engaged in active service, they are still loved and appreciated.


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EJC Shepherdess engage in conversation during a planned visit with retired Shepherdess Ambrozine Allen. :: Photo credit:

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Executive Members of the Shepherdesses' Intl. EJC Chapter, smile as they hand a basket to 94 year-old retired Shepherdess Ambrozine Allen, during a visit held on March 20, 2022. (L-R) Moya Chin, Ambrozine Allen, Metlyn Lewis, Sharette O. :: Photo credit:

Speaking to one of the purposes of the visit, Care Coordinator Moya Chin noted, “we want to remember the work that they have done. We truly appreciate them going before us and navigating the path that was placed before them. We also want to get them involved in the current programmes that we have planned for this year.” She futher added that, “taking care of the widows and widowers is in keeping with the apostle Paul’s counsel.” 


During the visits, the delegation of Shepherdesses delivered baskets, shared warm smiles, engaged in meaningful life lesson take-aways and counsels, all of which climaxed with prayers and hugs. 


Gertilyn Grant delightfully echoed her sentiments of gratitude to the team, while reminiscing on her earlier years in active ministry.  “We used to travel all over to St. Thomas and Portland” she said. “We used to invite the Union Presidents’ wives to address us but these days, we have all become so busy.”


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Members of the Executive deliver a basket to retired Shepherdess Gertilyn Grant during a planned visit held on Sunday March 20, 2022. (L-R) Moya Chin, Metlyn Lewis, Gertilyn Grant, Sharette Oliphant. :: Photo credit:


Ambrozine Allen and Gertilyn Grant are revered for their sterling contributions to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the areas of Education and Church Service, respectively, during the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s.


This visit to the retirees’ homes, forms part of the ongoing thrust to revive the visitation programme among the fraternity of Pastors wives in keeping with the 2022/2023 strategic plans and objectives. Emphasis will be placed on nurturing and empowering each member. With this done, it is hoped that the fraternity will be able to empower ladies to be of greater service in their respective ministries.


Visitations on the weekend (March 19- 20, 2022) were conducted by members of the executive which included:

 Carol Nathan- Sponsor
 Sharette Oliphant- President
 Moya Chin- Care Coordinator
 Metlyn Lewis- Asst. Care Coordinator
 Genevieve Johnson- Secretary/Treasurer and
 Adiese Jonas- Murphy- P.R.O/Editor & Music Coordinator

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